Large families in Saxony are often affected by poverty

According to statistics, large families in Saxony are often affected by poverty. “In 2018, 30.7% of households with two parents and three or more children were poor,” said Zwickau MP Sabine Zimmermann (left) of the German news agency. The previous year the share was 24.8%. Only single-parent households are relatively poor at 44.6%. “The proportion of poor families among all families with older children has been between a quarter and a third for many years,” said the politician.

The Saxony SPD also believes that urgent action is needed. “In recent years, small adjustments have been made in Germany to tackle child poverty. It was not enough. Therefore, we must and want to tackle the problem in a more fundamental and radical way,” said Simone Lang, spokesperson for social and family affairs in the SPD parliamentary group, and demanded, in addition to higher salaries for parents, basic child protection. The SPD supports the #StopptKinderarmut initiative of influencers, children’s and family associations and the Bertelsmann Stiftung: “For us it is clear that poverty should not be a taboo subject and should be actively combated.”

According to microcensus, the so-called at-risk-of-poverty threshold in 2018 was 1,035 euros for a single household nationwide, in Saxony it was 937 euros. This is the total net income of a household, including housing, family allowances or other benefits. Those who have less than this available amount per month are at risk of poverty. To this end, Zimmermann regularly evaluates statistical data. In the Bundestag, she chairs the Committee on Families, Seniors, Women and Youth.

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“Rich in children, poor in money, it too often goes hand in hand. Large families are still too little in the public eye with federal and state governments, as are single parents,” Zimmermann said. If parents choose more children, they should also get more financial assistance. This is especially true in the crisis: “A one-time child bonus does not help. Instead of the previous family allowance system, which favors the rich and disadvantages poor families, basic child protection is needed. “

“Now in the pandemic, the Saxon government must pay special attention to low-income families. Children of poor parents are particularly affected by the pandemic,” Zimmermann said. They needed special support and support so that after months of home schooling they did not suffer permanent disadvantages in their academic progress. But the government has also been on the wrong track in promoting offers for children and young people.

According to statistics, 153,400 girls and boys grew up in families with three or more children in Saxony in 2018. Ten years earlier, there were 122,700.

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