Koh-Lanta, the 4 lands: TF1 unveils the portraits of the candidates

Event in TF1. Starting Friday, August 28, 2020, viewers will enjoy discovering the new season of “Koh-Lanta”. Only three months after the end of the broadcast of “Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes”, Denis Brogniart resumes his service in “Koh-Lanta, the 4 lands”.

On the show: 24 adventurers will compete in the hopes of succeeding Naoil Tita. Big novelty in the TF1 program: four teams will be in the game and each will represent a region: the north (the violets), the east (the green ones), the south (the blue ones) and the west (the oranges). TF1 has just unveiled, this Tuesday, August 11, the portraits of the 24 candidates for this new season.

The eastern team It is made up of: Loïc, Hadja, Laurent, Alexandra, Bertrand-Kamal and Joaquina.

Loïc (20 years old) is from the Chartreuse massif. An expert in emotions, Loïc is, according to his portrait, a simple, generous and unfiltered young man. A true lover of nature, Loïc should acclimatize easily!

Hadja (28) is a professional handball player. Originally from Champagne in Epernay, this competitor has no intention of giving gifts to her competitors.

Laurent (48 years old) is a professor of history and geography at Isère. His students nickname him Papa Jones. He certainly has the soul of a tribal leader.

Alexandra (32 years old) comes from the country of Gex, in Ain. A mother of two daughters, this accountant is athletic and durable. Her main objective: to overcome her shyness.

Bertrand-Kamal (30 years old): This animator and director of the club is called BK. Originally from Dijon, he has traveled the world. Competitor at heart, wants to win.

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Joaquina (38 years old) is a baker. A single mother, she is raising her three children alone. They are the ones who registered her in Koh-Lanta so that she can realize her dream.

The north team It is made up of: Fabrice, Samuel, Adrien, Lola, Angélique and Marie-France.

Fabrice (54 years old) is a mechanic by profession. Generous, he knows that his big heart can sometimes play tricks on him.

Samuel (39 years old) is a mental trainer. Coming from Hauts-de-Seine, this former soldier should have no trouble avoiding the mind traps of adventure.

Adrien (30 years old) is a railway engineer in Paris. He tries to play with manipulation with his competitors to get as far as possible.

Lola (23) is a marketing student. During her free time, she helps her parents at her chip stand in Berck. Full of life, the young woman does not intend to let him go.

Angelic (26 years old) is a rang chef in Parisian bars. The young woman had a difficult childhood, living with foster families from the age of five to 14. She wants to show that you can get out of it despite some painful trials in life.

Marie-France (49 years old): mother of two boys, lives in the North. A butcher by profession, he has no tongue in his pocket.

The West team It is made up of: François, Diane, Jody, Dorian, Brice and Estelle.

Francois (47 years old) is a works wholesaler. Proud of his region, the Basque Country, he wants to go as far as possible to make his children happy.

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Diane (25 years) is a real estate agent. Coming straight from Bearn, he intends to do his best to win the competition.

Jody (32 years old) is an oyster farmer. Originally from Charente-Maritime, she is described as sincere and independent.

Dorian (30 years old): train controller, he is also an athlete and hurdles specialist. He was the French champion of 3000 meter steeplechase. Originally from Caen, Dorian cannot bear defeat.

Brice (22 years old) is a radio host. Take part in the Koh-Lanta adventure to make his childhood dream come true.

It’s her (47 years old) is a consultant at Pole Emploi. A single mother of two, she was a long-time member of the French women’s cycling team.

The southern team It is made up of: Alix, Carole, Mathieu, Ava, Aubin and Sébastien.

Alix (28) is a volunteer firefighter in Aubagne and sports coach. She has been preparing for the show for years. Strengthened by her mind of steel, the young woman will give everything to go as far as possible.

Carole (52 years old) is from Marseille. She relies on her strong character to make it to the pole event.

Mathieu (31 years old), engineer turned professional Ultra Trail runner. Originally from Vaucluse, he relies on his resourceful side to lead his team to victory.

Ava (26 years old): Originally from Corsica, the young woman runs her restaurant specializing in fish. She is described as stubborn and resourceful.

Aubin (23 years old) is the head of his real estate agency. Hailing from the Gers, he is the father of an 8-month-old boy.

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Sebastian (37 years old) is a municipal agent. Close to nature, he had to give his two daughters time to shoot. A first for this Ardéchois.

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