Kamala Harris’s Net Worth: How Much Is Biden’s Vice President Really Worth?

There is no doubt that Kamala Harris is a wealthy woman. According to CNBCA 2018 Senate financial disclosure form found that Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff at the time had “assets between $ 2.5 million and $ 5.8 million.” Apparently this amount was mainly “held in mutual funds, along with bank accounts and pension plans”. The couple also had liabilities – including “mortgages, equity, and a business loan” – on the order of $ 2.8 million to $ 3.6 million.

How much does that mean to Harris? Good, Celebrity fortunes Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $ 4 million.

While that may sound impressive, it’s worth noting that she’s nowhere near as rich as the other politicians around her. While Bernie Sanders only has $ 2.5 million (which is still way more than a lot of people in the bank), at a cool $ 9 million, Joe Biden is worth more than twice as much as Harris. President Donald Trump reportedly has $ 3.1 billion (a supposedly inflated figure).

Granted, while Harris may not be the richest, she’s pretty damn good.

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