Kamala Harris chosen by Joe Biden to be his running mate

UNITED STATES – So you chose one of the two favorites. Along with Susan Rice, Kamala Harris was the most frequently named to be chosen as Joe Biden’s bottom runner.

The Democratic candidate for the White House who will face Donald Trump in November confirmed this Tuesday, August 11, that he had chosen the senator from California to be his vice president. She had been a candidate for the nomination and was one of the revelations of this internal campaign.

If Joe Biden is elected on November 3, Kamala Harris will be the first black woman and the first vice president in American history.

“I have the immense honor to announce that I have chosen Kamala Harris, a fighter dedicated to the courageous defense of the popular classes and one of the greatest servants of the State, as my running mate”

Kamala Harris will speak on August 19 at the inaugural convention the Democratic Party will hold online to address the coronavirus outbreak. But before that, the two race partners should appear together on Wednesday at the Deleware.

Already in the race for 2026?

Charismatic and young compared to the 77-year-old former Vice President, Kamala Harris will allow Democrats to present a complementary duet with Joe Biden.

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She had gained national attention and was considered a rising star as California attorney general, even before her election to the Senate in 2016.

The choice of Barack Obama’s former right-hand man is crucial because of his age. If he wins, he will in fact be the oldest president in history at the time of the nomination. So much so that during elementary school, the site Political reported that Joe Biden had indicated that he could only run for one term; then he said he had no such plan.

But by being chosen as a running mate, Kamala Harris effectively becomes a potential leader of the Democratic Party and a likely favorite for the nomination after Joe Biden. In 2026 or 2030.

More information to follow …

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