Kamala Harris, a “very mediocre” running mate of Joe Biden, Judge Donald Trump

UNITED STATES – The attacks started from the beginning. US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday August 11 that he was “surprised” by the decision of the Democratic candidate for the White House to choose as running mate Kamala Harris, whose performance he considered “mediocre.”

“It surprised me more than anything because she was very mediocre” during the campaign for the Democratic primary, won by Joe Biden, declared Donald Trump during his daily press conference at the White House. “She had very bad results in the primaries. And that’s like a survey. “

The billionaire Republican, who is running for reelection, also noted that during the 2018 hearing of controversial Conservative Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh, Kamala Harris was “the baddest, the most horrible, the most insolent in the entire Senate.” .

He also “disrespected” Joe Biden, added Donald Trump, referring to the first debate of the Democratic primary in 2019, where the senator from California had attacked the former vice president with virulence over his past positions on desegregation policies. racial in the 1970s.

In contrast, Donald Trump praised his Vice President Mike Pence, “solid as a rock”, “respected by all religious groups.”

“Joe the Soft and Kamala the Imposture”

Shortly after Joe Biden’s announcement, Donald Trump posted a video of Sen. Kamala Harris on his Twitter account.

“Kamala Harris campaigned to become president by running into the arms of the radical left,” begins this video, which also accuses her of having asked for new taxes to the tune of several “billions.”

The video, also posted by the presidential candidate’s campaign team, concludes: “Slack Joe and Kamala the sham, made to be together, bad for America.”

For his part, current Vice President Mike Pence has met with Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City, where he will face him in a televised debate on October 7. “My message to the Democratic vice presidential candidate: congratulations. See you in Salt Lake City, ”he said in a speech.

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