Julie Gayet: this discussion topic with François Hollande

Passionate about soccer, Julie Gayet shares this center of interest in this sport with François Hollande. But between the actress and the former president of the Republic, the discussion about the round ball can be lively. On the occasion of the forthcoming premiere on September 9 of the documentary “Les Joueuses” that she produces and dedicates to women’s football following the Olympique Lyonnais players, Julie Gayet confided in an interview with the magazine Then foot, about his passion for soccer. Since her youth where she practiced this sport with “a soul that unites, that speaks a lot on the field”, Julie Gayet has become over time more of a spectator. “I took tackle at tackle, I had bruises and for an actress, it’s difficult to pass castings afterwards,” he said.

“I am more demonstrative than him”

But as a loyal fan, the producer admits “never having defended a particular team.” However, that does not prevent him from having moments of discussion with François Hollande. “This is football, right? I must admit that I am more demonstrative than him. I can ‘explode’, I get up, I vibrate … I have a little side Salma Hayek”, had fun Julie Gayet who managed to make known to the former President of the Republic in women’s football. “We watch games together all the time. I regret something: it is not having accompanied him in certain games because he did not want to be on the ‘official’ side during his tenure,” he admitted. the one who never wanted to officially fill the role of First Lady.

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By Marie Merlet

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