Johnson considers it a "moral duty" children’s return to school

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. EFE / EPA / ANDY RAIN / Archive (ANDY RAIN /)

London, 9 December (EFE) .- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson considers it a “moral duty” and “national priority” for all children to return to school in September, after being closed for several months due to the pandemic. of COVID-19.
The government decided in March to close British schools to all students, except the children of essential workers, in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, forcing teachers to organize classes virtually.
In June, the Executive opted for the return of some schoolchildren, including the youngest and teenagers who are examined in 2021 on important tests of the country’s educational system.
In view of the concern about missing classes, the conservative Prime Minister highlighted in an article published today on Sunday “The Mail on Sunday” the “national priority” of returning students to classrooms this September, although he warned of the that the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet.
“This pandemic is not over yet and none of us can afford to feel confident. But now that we know enough to reopen schools safely for all children, we have a moral duty to do so,” he said.
“Keeping our schools closed for longer than absolutely necessary is socially intolerable, economically unsustainable and cannot be morally defended,” wrote Johnson, reiterating that the threat of the virus is very low for minors.
Last week, the so-called children’s commissioner in England, Anne Longfield, pointed out that British schools should only close in the event of another peak of COVID-19, as pubs, restaurants and non-essential stores close.
Longfield, head of the children’s rights office, said that children need education and that schools should be “the first to open and the last to close”.
According to the latest official data, the UK recorded 55 deaths from covid-19 yesterday, up to a total of 46,566 deaths confirmed by a test since the start of the pandemic.
The number of daily infections was 758, a number that brings the number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus at some point in the UK to 309,763, officials said.

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