Johnny Hallyday: Jean-Baptiste Guégan criticizes the end of his career

Johnny Hallyday passed away almost three years ago. Since then, the matter of his inheritance, which pits his widow Laetitia Hallyday against their children David and Laura Smet, has continued to make headlines. And if the war finally seems to be ending, with an agreement recently reached between Laetitia Hallyday and Laura Smet, Johnny Hallyday’s widow can finally breathe. Laetitia Hallyday has also found her father André Boudou a few weeks ago and celebrated her daughter Jade’s birthday this Wednesday, August 5.

If all seems to be going well for Laetitia Hallyday, there are those who have decided to send her a shovel! It’s Jean-Baptiste Guégan, known for being Taulier’s double vocal. Just one year after Johnny Hallyday’s disappearance, Jean-Baptiste Guégan made himself known thanks to the tele-hook “France has an incredible talent” on M6. Since then, Jean-Baptiste Guégan has enjoyed success, releasing his second album “Staying the same”. While audiences know that he imitates Johnny Hallyday to perfection, Jean-Baptiste Guégan recently decided that he no longer wanted to be associated with Taulier. “This is the challenge of this new album,” he said on TF1.

Johnny Hallyday “was not going to prosper”

In the columns of “Paris Match”, Jean-Baptiste Guégan confirms his desire to get away from Johnny Hallyday artistically and confesses that he had trouble “getting out of the clutches of Hallydays” after the release of his first work. The winner of season 13 of “France has incredible talent” also used this interview to send a sword to Laetitia Hallyday.

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“Since ‘Marie’, he hadn’t had more hits, he shouldn’t flourish on his latest albums, which are not the same as those of Michel Berger, Jean-Jacques Goldman or Insolitudes, which Michel Mallory wrote for him. Jean-Baptiste Guégan declares. Words that will hardly please Jade and Joy’s mother, who had taken over Johnny Hallyday’s career in his later years. I don’t think Warner helped him make the right decisions. At Universal, it was another matter, “adds Jean-Baptiste Guégan.

By Matilde A.

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