Joe Rogan’s Net Worth: The podcast star is worth a fortune

The Joe Rogan Experience Doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics, and the title host has caused a lot of controversy over the years. One of Rogan’s most infamous podcasts aired in 2018 when he appeared on the air with Elon Musk, the co-founder of Tesla. Twitter erupted when Musk scored a hit, resulting in tons of jokes and memes and numerous reports from concerned shareholders.

Rogan’s political views have also been divisive. He got some heat in January 2020 when he endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as president, shortly after Democratic Hope appeared on his show. “I think I’ll probably vote for Bernie,” Rogan said on his podcast. “He as a person, interact with him, I believe in him, I like him.” Some asked Sanders to deny approval based on Rogan’s views on other issues, but Sanders promoted Rogan’s clip instead. Rogan’s statement essentially took on a life of its own, but the self-proclaimed libertarian rejected the idea of ​​serving as some sort of political influencer. If you depend on who you choose to run for president based on what I like? … I’m not that type. He said on his show.

In fact, Rogan has spoken out against the “call-out culture” and “cancel culture”. “Everyone wants everyone to lose their jobs,” he joked.

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