Joe Biden fans will be able to find out the name of their running mate … by SMS

AMERICAN ELECTIONS – Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice or someone else? Joe Biden is expected to reveal the name of her running mate for the US presidential election in the coming days. And some will find out… by SMS.

If some candidates leave more favorites than others, Joe Biden has so far carefully kept the mystery, despite recurring questions from the press. On Saturday, August 8, he was arrested during a bike ride through Fox News reporters asking him if he had already made his choice. “Yes,” replied the former vice president of Barack Obama. “Really? Who is it?” Presses the journalist. “You”, Joe Biden responds, amused.

The joke made the candidate’s campaign team laugh a lot, who joked about the low probability of seeing the former vice president announce his election on the conservative channel known to have been favored by Donald Trump at the beginning of his term.

However, Joe Biden’s press secretary seized the opportunity. to launch a new communication operation, which offers Joe Biden’s followers the possibility of knowing his decision by SMS: The channel “FoxNews will not be the first to know the name of Joe Biden’s running mate, it will be you, if you send“ FIRST ”to 30330”, Matt Hill announced.

“This is an important choice, and I want you to be the first to know who I picked as my running mate – call 30330 FIRST to be notified when I make my decision,” Joe Biden tweeted.

This method of communication via SMS is extremely popular in the United States, especially during elections.

Known as “peer-to-peer” (“publish to publish” in French), it was popularized in 2016 by Bernie Sanders’ team, who found it to be much more efficient than emails. o phone calls to reach out and mobilize potential voters, and especially young people, as noted Slate’s site.

For campaign teams, “peer-to-peer” offers the advantage of a giant address book, particularly useful for disseminating information about the candidate, his news and his program almost instantly. As targeted advertising, we hardly do better.

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