Jean-Pierre Pernaut: why Jacques Legros will always be your joker

Jacques Legros has become a figure on French television in twenty years. And for cause. The journalist has replaced Jean-Pierre Pernaut for more than two decades in the TF1 13h presentation. However, appreciated by the French, Jacques Legros does not plan to change positions to establish himself. “Another channel offered me to present a full-time newscast, but I refused. I would have felt alienated. I want to be able to do other things on the side,” the journalist recently explained to TV Main chains. A role that he appreciates just like the teams around him. Even on TV Grandes Chains, the journalist even hopes to feel “at home.” Jacques Legros has also made a promise to Jean-Pierre Pernaut. “With Jean-Pierre, my speech has always been very clear. I told him that I did not covet his place and he knows that there will never be a stab in the back,” he said. indicated.

A tandem that has been walking for twenty-two years

“Those who think that my popularity could surpass that of Jean-Pierre Pernaut are mistaken. Jean-Pierre is a star. I am known, that’s all. There is a great nuance! It was he who imagined this! The newspaper and the who has masterfully directed it for thirty-two years. I took the train on the way, “said Jacques Legros in July 2020 in the columns of TV Mag. Meanwhile, the journalist has cardboard during the confinement. While Jean-Pierre Pernaut had chosen to telecommute and present part of the 1pm newspaper from home, Jacques Legros offered the presentation of the news every day for three months. Like his colleague Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the journalist had not put his tongue in pocket, especially when facing the government at the time of mistrust.

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