Jean-Baptiste Marteau explains his decision to expose his husband and daughter

Throughout the summer, Jean-Baptiste Marteau replaces Laurent Delahousse on weekends. Joker on the France 2 newscast at 1pm, the presenter became known to viewers as the newspaper joker on the “Télématin” program. Jean-Baptiste Marteau then became a columnist for “L’émission politique” presented by Léa Salamé about France 2. During the confinement, the 37-year-old journalist replaced Marie-Sophie Lacarrau in the short-term presentation at 1:00 p.m. de France 2 for two weeks. The journalist was confined “as a precaution after having been in contact with a person suspected of being contaminated by Covid-19,” the channel said. During this replacement, the 1pm news broke a 15-year viewership record with 4.9 million viewers. What to do proud Jean-Baptiste Marteau who entrusted this Tuesday August 11 to Europe 1 that he would like to evolve within the public service and stop being a joker.

“It is a must”

Guest of the “Cultura Médias” program, Jean-Baptiste Marteau made some confidences about his private life and, in particular, the way in which he manages the media exposure. Married to a man named Bruno and father of a girl, Jean-Baptiste Marteau explained why he agreed to reveal his private life on social media. “In fact, there is the ‘where do we put the bar on privacy?’ I do not show everything and at the same time, in the face of the messages that I can receive, especially from young people for several years, I tell myself that there is also a duty to show them that being homosexual, that having a happy life, fulfilled personally and professionally, does not it is impossible. “, explains the journalist. Engaged for 10 years in an association called” Le Refuge “, Jean-Baptiste Marteau affirms that it is his” duty “to support young people” who have just been expelled from their homes for being homosexual “..” That, I tell myself that it is a duty, because I, I’m lucky, they have less. So I have to accompany them “, he admits before concluding:” They have told me a lot. Of what are called role models, I really I did not believe in that at first and then I heard certain testimonies from young people who say ‘thank you. There I see that it is possible’;

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By Matilde A.

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