Jade Leboeuf: her husband Stéphane Rodrigues reveals the birth of their son

Jade Leboeuf and her husband Stéphane Rodrigues welcomed their first child this Sunday, August 9. It is with discretion that the father announced the news on Instagram, leaving some clues in the story. The former Secret Story candidate wrote a message for the first time in English: “Unconditional love cannot fail. Sometimes it is a struggle, but the bond created cannot be broken”, while letting the song “Just the Two of Us “, covered by Will Smith. A piece that was not chosen at random since the lyrics tell the first steps of a young father: “From the moment the doctor put you in my arms / I knew that I would meet death before I leave someone hurts you / Although Questions arise in my mind, am I man enough? ”

Jade Leboeuf gave birth to her son

To this post, Jade Leboeuf’s husband added their son’s date and time of birth: August 9, 2020, 12:45 pm In a second story, the young dad shared the image of a scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio was slap with this message: “Fatigue is in the head.” Finally, Stéphane Rodrigues posted a photo of a lion and a lioness with their lion cub. If the couple has not yet officially announced the birth of their child, as revealed by Jade Leboeuf, still active on Instagram during her pregnancy, Stéphane Rodrigues’ messages leave no room for doubt.

By Marie Merlet

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