Isabelle Adjani devastated: one of her friends died in the explosion in Beirut

Once again, 2020 confirms its status as a black year. This Tuesday, August 4, 2020, Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, plunged into chaos in a few seconds. Images of the city turning from tranquility to chaos quickly swept the web, and Internet users around the world were eager to lend their support to the city’s residents.

According to the Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, this terrible incident is due to the explosion of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, stored in the port of Beirut. Interviewed by Lebanese television channels a few hours after the explosion, Marwan Abboud, governor of Beirut, could not hold back his tears when he thought of all the victims and their families: “We don’t know how we are. We have to stay strong and we have to be brave, but our people have been through a lot, “he told Sky News cameras.

The provisional assessment prepared by the Lebanese Red Cross reports at least 100 dead and 4,000 injured. The explosions caused an earthquake throughout the city and the windows of surrounding houses and businesses blew out, the tremors felt as far as Cyprus, an island located more than 200 km from Beirut.

Isabelle Adjani loses a friend in the explosion

Several personalities such as Hapsatou Sy, Léa Salamé or Matt Pokora came out of silence and assured the Lebanese people of their support. Isabelle Adjani also spoke about the explosion. The 65-year-old actress explained that the drama caused the death of one of her friends: “She just died under the explosions. She leaves behind three children. I am devastated by my Lebanese friends” a- writes in the caption of a photo where both appear. This friend in question is Hala Tayah, a famous jeweler from Lebanon.


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