Iris Mittenaere wants to adopt: her mother explains her disagreement on Instagram

In a relationship with Diego El Glaoui, Iris Mittenaere seems fulfilled. The couple has been in love for almost a year. It was in November 2019 that the former Miss France and her lover announced their relationship. Because this time, Iris Mittenaere has decided to take it all on, posting even with her partner on social media. A choice that he had explained in The Unfiltered Interview on Télé Loisirs. “I decided today to express myself about my love stories because I always wanted to keep my private life a secret and in fact we spoke it for myself and it was quite heavy. ‘Hearing false things, also listening to different points of view from mine ”, the beautiful brunette had confided. And obviously, he’s serious with Diego! So much so that Iris Mittenaere had made a foot appeal to her beloved Diego El Glaoui during an interview with “50 min inside” about a possible marriage. If at the moment there was nothing planned on the horizon, Iris Mittenaere made it clear to her partner that she would not be against wearing the ring on her finger.

“It’s complicated when you work”

Another project goes through the mind of the former Miss Universe: adopt a dog! Currently on vacation in Greece with Diego El Glaoui, Iris Mittenaere presented a beautiful white puppy a few hours ago to her subscribers. “I admit, we are a cute family in the last photo, right ?? Comment a lion emoji to convince Diego!”, Caption the 27-year-old. His mother, Laurence Remond, did not stop giving her opinion in the comments about the shot! And obviously, Iris Mittenaere’s mother is not in favor of adopting a new four-legged animal (Iris Mittenaere already has two cats, note). “You know my point of view … it’s nice but it’s complicated when you work …” said Laurence Remond. Which Iris Mittenaere did not stop answering: “We had a little even when you were working! Besides, it is time to bring a kitten for the mother of the house! There is a little animal missing!”.

By Matilde A.

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