In South Korea, legislator wears dress in assembly, causes uproar

SEXISM – A story strongly reminiscent of the one lived by Cécile Duflot. A photo of a young MP in a dress at work has gone viral in South Korea, sparking a heated debate about the appropriate dress code in the National Assembly.

Ryu Ho-jeong, 28, and a member of the Small Progressive Justice Party, has been the subject of close observation on social media and the victim of misogynistic and sexist attacks after being seen in a red patterned dress. to the Assembly. Many people also spoke for him. According to ABC News, this debate marks a “deep generational and cultural gap in a society that is mostly conservative in terms of social norms.”

“Breaking rigorism and authoritarianism”

The youngest member of the chamber, Ryu Ho-jeong, responded to these attacks by arguing that “the authority of the National Assembly is not based on wearing a disguise.” “The National Assembly is targeting middle-aged men in their 50s, and it wanted to break this practice of dark suits and ties by wearing casual clothing,” he told ABC News.

South Korea’s 300-member National Assembly has diversified in age and gender in recent decades, but remains overwhelmingly made up of men in their fifties. According to ABC News, citing the National Electoral Commission, ninety-seven percent of legislators are over 40 years old, while only 3% are under 30 and 84.3% are men.

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“I cannot agree with the excessive criticism he was making. I thank him for breaking the excessive rigor and authoritarianism in the National Assembly, ”his university and MP Ko Min Jeong posted on his Facebook page on Thursday.

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