In Simon Cowell’s chaotic love story with Lauren Silverman

When Lauren Silverman and Adam Silverman divorced due to the affair, there was reportedly a clause in the file that said Simon Cowell was not allowed to be with Silverman’s son Adam until January 2015, according to January. Daily mail. Since the reason for the divorce was adultery, it was a bit rocky, but Silverman and Cowell stayed together and welcomed their own son Eric on February 14, 2014.

Cowell joked Entertainment tonight In 2016, he and Eric, named after Cowell’s father, made no direct connections. “The first eight or nine months I thought,” I don’t think he likes me very much, “he said. “He reminds me of me when I was younger, because he knows how to fit it and how to get things off.”

Ever since Eric, Cowell and Silverman dated their adorable child. Cowell even occasionally lets him work. Eric made his TV debut Britain’s Got Talent with his famous father in 2017. Cowell also told additional In 2018, he’d love it if his son ever took over his television and music empire and called him “ probably the best incentive I’ve ever had to get the best out of it for years to come. ”

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