In Rachael Ray’s creepy house fire

As investigators uncover the cause of the fire at Rachael Ray’s New York State home, we take a look at the chef’s beloved kitchen (pictured above), which she shared on an April 24, 2020 YouTube video.

FYI, the kitchen and utility room of the house are stunningly beautiful and hugeSo Ray has room to cook anything and everything. “I decorated the house before it was ever built,” she said of the beautiful property. “I painted the house on a piece of paper so I knew what I wanted.”

Ray also went into the finer details, noting that the hood above her stove is “super cheap” because it’s made from industrial plumbing and just painted black. Then there’s her farm table for “prep work” and her counter, which is made entirely of “butcher block” so she can “chop and work anywhere”.

The cookbook author’s pride is, of course, the stove. “I worked for 35 years to have a gas stove and put the pizza oven behind it,” she said enthusiastically. “These are my treasures.” Ray joked that her husband, John Cusimano, ran a music studio while she got the stove and pizza oven. Ray also paid tribute to what she called ‘John’s Baby’, a 90-second commercial dishwasher.

While Ray is successful enough to live anywhere (thanks to her massive net worth), Upstate is at home. Read on to find out why.

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