In Niger, 6 French tourists and two Nigerians killed

INTERNATIONAL – Eight people, including six French and two Nigerians, were killed this Sunday, August 9 at the hands of armed men who arrived on motorcycles in the Kouré area of ​​Niger, home to the last herds of giraffes in West Africa, at- we learned from official sources.

“There are eight dead: two Nigerians, including a (tourist) guide and a driver, the other six are French,” the governor of Tillabéri (southwest), Tidjani Ibrahim Katiella, told AFP.

A woman killed after fleeing

“We are handling the situation, then we will give more information,” said the governor, who did not give details about the circumstances of the attack, or about the identity of the attackers.

“The attack occurred around 11:30 am (10:30 GMT) 6 km east of the city of Kouré,” which is an hour’s drive from Niamey on national highway number 1, he told AFP: for its part, a source close to environmental services.

“Most of the victims were shot and killed and a woman who managed to escape was captured and killed. On the spot, we found an empty magazine of its cartridges, ”said this source. “We do not know the identity of the attackers, but they arrived on motorcycles through the mountains and awaited the arrival of tourists. The vehicle lent by the tourists belongs to the NGO Actuada ”.

A haven of peace for giraffes

This is the first attack that has targeted Western tourists in this area since it became a tourist attraction some 20 years ago, when a small herd of peralta giraffes, a species that has disappeared from the rest of the planet, fleeing from hunters Stealthy and predatory, he had found there a haven of peace.

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The Tillabéri region is a large unstable area. It is located in the “three borders” zone between Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali, which has become a haven for Sahelian jihadists, including the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (EIGS).

Motorcycles have been banned day and night since January in an attempt to prevent the jihadists’ movement.

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