In Lozère, a rave party brings together more than 10,000 people in the middle of the Covid-19

CORONAVIRUS – The indicator of 5,000 people maximum for meetings, established by the authorities to limit the spread of Covid-19, seems difficult to apply. After DJ The Avener’s concert in Nice or the show that brought together 12,000 people in Puy-du-Fou, more than 10,000 people this time invaded a private agricultural land this Saturday night, 8 August to organize a rave party.

This is right in the Cévennes (Lozère) National Park in Hures-la-Parade, south of Mende. The participants settled in a sheep herding place on the Causse Méjean, with about 4,000 vehicles, according to Mayor André Baret. The gendarmerie delivered this Sunday morning the figure of 2,500 vehicles to our colleagues in France 3. According to the Ministry of the Interior, “less than 5,000 people” were still present at the scene this Sunday afternoon.

The elect explained to AFP that the barbed wire was cut from the ground and that its presence will ruin the season of the farmer who owns it. He was also concerned about the fire risks from these types of events and the current drought in the department.

A squad of gendarmes on site

“I am very angry with the state. When I see the limitations that are imposed on farmers who can no longer even roll a stone in the cause without being fined and these people who do absolutely what they want in the cause without even wearing a mask, I tell myself that I must change “Alain Pouget, regional head of agricultural coordination, responded to AFP, speaking for his part of 15,000 revelers.

According to a source familiar with the matter, a squad of mobile gendarmes was preparing to intervene in the early hours of Sunday afternoon. The mayor of the town, for his part, asked the population to “stay away and not intervene”, as well as to properly close the houses and especially the barns. “We remember the previous edition (note: in 2000) We realized that there had been an upturn in thefts and in particular the thefts of diesel.”

“The state is mobilizing to block access to the site, at noon 60 to 80 gendarmes arrived and at the end of the day there will be as many,” a ministry spokesperson told AFP. “We would like to find the organizers of this totally prohibited event, which is also located in a protected area and in a dry period,” to sanction them.

Given the resumption of certain alert indicators, the authorities have increased in recent days calls for vigilance against the coronavirus epidemic that has claimed at least 727,288 deaths worldwide, including 30,324 deaths registered in France to date. from Friday, August 7.

That day, the deputy director general of the Occitanie Regional Health Agency had warned about the epidemic situation in the region by speaking “Indicators in red”.

Among the most affected countries, Belgium is the one with the highest number of deaths in relation to its population, with 85 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by the United Kingdom (69), Peru (63), Spain (61) and Italy (58).

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