Important Wirecard partner in Manila has died – authorities are investigating him

New tragedy in the insolvent group Wirecard scandal: a former top manager and payment processor partner has died in the Philippines. Authorities are investigating him.

There is a fatality in the business crime involving insolvent payment service provider Wirecard: Former Asia director Christopher B. (full name known to editors) died at the end of July at the age of 44 in the Philippine capital Manila. This is reported by several media in unison, the death notice of his family in Germany is on

Philippine authorities have investigated B. suspected of money laundering. B. would have been an important contact person for former Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek, “Handelsblatt” reports, citing insiders. Marsalek himself has been on the run for weeks.

B. has not worked for the Wirecard group for a long time. After leaving the management of the Philippine subsidiary of Wirecard, he and his wife managed, among other things, the payment processor “PayEasy Solutions”, which was an important partner of Wirecard.

B. also ran a bus company in Manila

Wirecard would have generated around 300 million euros in turnover thanks to this in 2018. However, the Wirecard group had to admit in mid-June that 1.9 billion euros, which should be in trust accounts in the Philippines, probably did not exist. Shortly after, the group filed for bankruptcy, German prosecution is investigating suspicions of “commercial gang fraud”.

In addition to the payment processor, B. also ran a bus company in Manila, whose website quickly leads to other questionable sites.

B.’s father told the “Handelsblatt” that his son was not sick. B. had come to the hospital because of a slight stroke, he also had little information. “I think it was a natural thing,” quotes B’s father.

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