IAA Munich also “warmly” welcomes car critics

The IAA is scheduled to take place in Munich next year. After the 2019 protests, climate activists want to intervene again – but they are also invited to participate.

The new International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich should become a big stage for all forms of mobility. It will be much more than just a motor show ”, declares the president of the Association of Automobile industry (VDA), Hildegard Müller, during the concept presentation. The IAA wants to be a driving force for the networking of all modes of transport. “The critic is also welcome to speak to us.”

The fact that the 2021 Geneva Motor Show scheduled for March 2021 was canceled two days ago due to the corona pandemic and exhibitor cancellations does not mean a bad sign for the IAA in September 2021. “We already have strong commitments for the IAA in Munich,” from manufacturers and suppliers, says Müller.

Climate activists’ protests planned for Munich

The last IAA 2019 in Frankfurt am Main only attracted 560,000 visitors, climate activists grabbed the headlines with protest campaigns. Climate protectors have also announced protests in Munich. IAA presented gas guzzlers and only put on a “green coat” at the motor show, says Jens Hilgenberg, director Transport policy to the federal government for environment and nature reserve.

Müller invited all critics to participate in the discussions at the IAA “non-violently, also verbally non-violently”. The exhibition center must “become the meeting point for all those who have something to say about the mobility of the future”, said Martin Koers, Managing Director of VDA: “The Davos of mobility”. Businesses and think tanks are supposed to present innovations. But there would be “no more branded stand of 10,000 m² where manufacturers would present all models as at a car dealership”.

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Not just the exhibition center in short

What is new is that the IAA is also turning the entire city center into a stage, so that the population can “experience” future mobility in all its forms. “It’s about combining trade fair, conference and event,” says Müller. She warns against the demonization of the car: there is controversy in the big cities; but commuters, local traders and millions of rural people should not be forgotten.

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