How students receive government grants

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Students in financial need can use two government bridging assistants. The Federal Ministry of Education draws attention to this point. In addition to the emergency aid, for which the state has provided a total of 100 million euros, there is the KfW student loan, which is currently granted without interest.

Emergency assistance is available until August 2020 and must be requested during the relevant reference month. For the month of August, students can still apply until August 31, 2020. This is only possible through the nationally standardized online portal.

Emergency aid: no more than 500 euros on the account

The condition for emergency aid is that students use bank statements to prove that they are in a pandemic financial emergency. According to the directives of the Ministry of Education, this is the case if the students have less than 500 euros in their account at the time of the request.

The responsible student union can then grant between 100 and 500 euros per month. Students can find out the amount of emergency aid in an overview of the German Student Union (DSW). There is no age limit. Emergency aid does not have to be reimbursed either.

KfW student loan now interest-free

The KfW student loan in turn existed even before the crisis. In the period from May 2020 to March 2021, however, it is available without interest. The Federal Ministry of Education will also pay interest until March 31 of the coming year for those who are already using a loan and will continue to receive it. From April 2021, students will then be interested.

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The loan can be established up to a maximum of EUR 650 per month. KfW offers a pre-check, with which interested parties can check whether they get a loan. There is an age limit of 44 years.

Students can apply for the loan online through the KfW website. As part of the loan, you also need to go to a business partner yourself. These are banks and Deutsche Studentenwerk, a corresponding list is available on the KfW website.

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