Here’s what we know about Kanye West’s running mate Michelle Tidball

So who is Kanye West’s running mate Michelle Tidball? First of all, Tidball lives in Cody, Wyo. West took root there and bought a 4,500-acre ranch called Monster Lake Ranch in September 2019 The New York Times.

In addition to the Wyoming connection, West and Tidball have a common religion. According to the website, Tidball is a “personal life and spiritual trainer” and runs an online Bible study program through “Abundant Ministries”. It helps people “get stuck in their lives” “by applying wisdom and Bible principles.” “As long as I remember, I always wanted to get to know God,” Tidball said of her mission. “I came into his light at age 17 and was determined to follow him every day of my life!”

Potential customers can be coached by Tidball for $ 65 for 50 minutes, while six weeks of advice costs $ 350, the website says. Of course, costs can increase if she is elected vice president.

As for all the controversy surrounding Tidball, TMZ received audio (which has since been removed from her website) from the life coach, who claimed that the key to fighting mental illness was discipline when doing household chores like bedding. Yikes. This statement is especially remarkable when you consider that West struggles with bipolar disorder, as his wife Kim Kardashian noted.

We will have to wait and see how far West and Tidball go in the elections.

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