Guy Carlier soon had surgery again after losing 157 kilos

On July 26, Guy Carlier surprised by publishing two new photos of him where he proudly poses with a football shirt: “It’s XL. A year ago I wore 4XL … 10 years ago it would have been necessary to cut the jersey in a yurt fabric ”He wrote in the caption of one of the images.

What caused the amazement of his fans who quickly became concerned when they saw his tired face and his many lost kilos. Guy Carlier had also been forced to come out of the silence to reassure them about his health … before attempting a questionable joke about the appearance of singer Celine Dion.

A few days after these publications, Guy Carlier entrusted himself to Télé-Loisirs and once again justified himself in publishing his photo with a football shirt: “With satisfaction and pride, I told myself that I could put it on today. Which I was quick to do, before posting the photo on Twitter for friends, and forgetting that I had just spent three hours sweating in the garden. The result is there: as I say in my program, I went from being fat to being old, without going through the ‘normal boy’ box. That’s what I tell myself in the morning when I see myself in the mirror, although some days, it passes, ”he explains – he does.


Bulimic for years, YouTuber Carlito’s father managed to overcome the disease thanks to the intervention of doctor Jean-Michel Cohen. After spending nine months in a clinic and having a bypass and a sleeve, he quickly dropped from 251 to 94 kilos.

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To stay in shape, Guy Carlier does cardio every day and is followed by a physical therapist. “I work hard to strengthen my muscles. The goal was to stabilize at 200 pounds. I still have to undergo plastic surgery to remove the skin,” he continues. And his partner takes care of him: “She is a pulmonologist. I am very supervised. She checks me very regularly.”

Starting on September 26, Guy Carlier will return to the stage with his program entitled “Forget Carl … Meet Guitou!”


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