Guy Carlier: his joke about Celine Dion’s weight splits Twitter

His weight loss, Guy Carlier is having fun. Slim of 125 kilos, the journalist reveals his new silhouette to his fans on social networks. On July 26, 2020, he revealed on his Twitter account a photo of himself wearing an AS Monaco jersey. “It’s XL. A year ago, I wore 4 XL … Ten years ago the shirt would have had to be cut from a yurt tarp. Okay, I look stupid, but I can finally wear this shirt that Michel Hidalgo gave me ”, he joked. A little joke that made his subscribers smile, unlike his joke of the day.

This Tuesday, August 4, 2020, the columnist reacted once again to his physical form by sharing a photo … of Celine Dion. “Shit, I lost weight again,” she wrote on Twitter in the singer’s caption for the titles “I’m Alive” and “All By Myself.” An awkwardness that does not happen with some Internet users. “A former fat man who makes fun of the thinness of others … bravo boomer” or “That would not be a little free dear Guy Carlier” we can read on the Web. “It is not very elegant to make fun of thin people, nor is it very elegant to make fun of obese people. You can lose weight for different reasons, not get fat and also suffer from it, you know … “, says one user.

“I hope it’s second grade”

To which Guy Carlier replied: “I hope it’s second grade and that you pretend not to understand that it’s me that I’m kidding. It’s called making fun of yourself but if you’re in first grade it’s called bullshit. ” To which the user replied: “I know your humor so obviously I understood that you were indirectly making fun of yourself, but illustrating the tweet with this photo was inappropriate from my point of view. And I’m sorry if this sucks for you… ”.

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