Global numbers have doubled: 966 new corona infections in Germany – Science

Berlin – According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), German health authorities reported 966 new corona infections in one day.

The number is once again approaching 1,000 new infections. Last week, the value had already crossed the 1000 threshold on Thursday, Friday and Saturday – for the first time since early May. From a global perspective, the number of known corona cases has recently grown much more drastically. The Sars-CoV-2 pathogen can trigger Covid-19 disease, which can be life threatening.

The number of reproductions, or R-value for short, was 0.97 in Germany (previous day: 1.09) according to RKI estimates with data as of August 11 at midnight. This means that an infected person infects more than one other person on average. The R-value represents the infection rate about a week and a half in advance.

The peak of new infections reported daily was at the beginning of April at over 6,000. This number has tended to decline since May and has increased again since late July. RKI chairman Lothar Wieler cited negligence in following the rules of conduct as the cause of the increase.

Unlike mid-June, when there was a major corona outbreak at the Tönnies slaughterhouse in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, the current increase is not primarily due to individual hot spots. Experts fear such a development because it cannot be contained by a few severe measures.

Worldwide, the number of known corona infections has recently increased much more drastically than in Germany: in six weeks it has doubled from around ten million to around 20 million since the end of June, and over the years. In the last three weeks, he has gone from a good 15 to the current 20. Millions, according to data released Monday by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. About half of the confirmed infections therefore affected only three countries: the United States with more than five million infections, Brazil with more than three million and a good two million in India. According to experts, however, the actual numbers are likely much higher. In addition to the countries most seriously affected, the coronavirus pandemic has also spread rapidly to Russia, South Africa, Mexico and several countries in South America.

According to the university, more than 730,000 people have died worldwide after being infected with the coronavirus. The number of victims has recently increased much more slowly than the number of new infections, in part thanks to better treatment options.

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In view of the school openings in Germany, which have already started in some countries, Union Junge leader Tilman Kuban on Tuesday criticized requests for a mask to be required during classes in other federal states. . “It’s hard to say that you can sit in a restaurant without a mask, but students at the school have to wear masks for six hours or more,” he told the Germany news channel ( RND).

Currently, North Rhine-Westphalia, where school resumes on Wednesday, is the only federal state to have such regulations – for secondary and vocational schools. In other countries, a mask is compulsory in school buildings, but not in the classroom itself. The new school year started on Monday in Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg and Berlin. Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had already started last week.

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