Germany: Roth, former club boss, on Hecking: it will be very difficult – Bavaria

Nuremberg – For longtime 1. FC Nuremberg chairman Michael A. Roth, new sporting director Dieter Hecking faces a difficult task at the traditional Franconian club. “Dieter Hecking is not a bad man. But can he assert himself? There is still a coach himself in him. So I wonder if he can get along with the new coach,” said Roth to the German News Agency in an interview on his 85th birthday. Birthday Thursday.

Hecking (55) has been the new sporting director of the second division football team since this season, and Robert Klauss (35) is the new coach. Roth said of Hecking: “If he takes the responsibility on his own, that’s also problematic because someday you’ll be the scarecrow anyway if that doesn’t work. Then you’re free to shoot. I won’t. not say it won’t work, but it will be very difficult. “

Roth was a carpet and textile entrepreneur and twice president of 1. FC Nürnberg. His end at the head of the club in 2009 after a break with the management team at the time still worries him. “I’ve always left the club debt-free and in the Premier League, it’s a base. In the end, however, a lot of things got too stupid for me. Where do we thank you for being so involved? than me? I have my time and. ” sacrificed my skills, ”said Roth, honorary president of the club. “1. FC Nürnberg could aim for completely different goals. But I’m still in pain.”

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