Germany: one dead in collision with small plane: experts determine – Bavaria

A glider pilot and a propeller plane collide in Swabia. One of the pilots is killed. How did the accident happen when the sky was clear?

Weißenhorn (dpa) – After the collision of a glider pilot and a propeller plane in the district of Neu-Ulm, the cause of the accident is still unclear. The two airmen were seized and those involved and witnesses questioned; now investigate appraisers. A police spokesperson said on Saturday that new findings could be expected on Monday.

The 52-year-old glider pilot who crashed after the collision was killed in the collision on Friday. The other plane, a single-engine machine, was piloted by a 52-year-old man, the police spokesman said. A 73-year-old man was on board with him. After the collision, the motorized aircraft was able to land at an airfield about a kilometer away.

The Memmingen state prosecutor dispatched an expert and an employee of the Federal Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau (BFU) also visited the accident scene near Emershofen, part of the municipality of Weißenhorn. According to reports, the two planes took off from the airfield in Weißenhorn. The sky was clear, the view was actually free: “It was a bright sun,” a police spokesperson said after the crash.

The glider wreckage was recovered on Saturday evening. Investigators were still looking for a larger portion of a wing. Police called the single-engine propeller plane a “total loss”. The right wing was severely damaged.

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