Germany: Helga actress Ruth Gassmann has died – Bavaria

Munich – Actress Ruth Gassmann, known as the lead actress in the educational films “Helga” in the 1960s, has passed away. As her son announced to the German press agency on Sunday, she died of a short and serious illness at the age of 85. Friday evening in Munich.

Born in Augsburg, she first studied sports and chemistry and later became a photo model. In the United States, she starred in a dozen episodes of the western television series “Smoking Colts”. She suddenly rose to fame in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1967 with the release of the educational film “Helga – Vom Werden des Menschen Leben”.

The tape was filmed with the support of the Federal Ministry of Health and attracted millions of viewers. The news magazine “Der Spiegel” wrote in 1968: “” Helga “is the most successful German film of all time and a coup at the same time.”

After two continuation films “Helga”, Oswalt Kolle took on the role of the nation’s illuminator. Ruth Gassmann moved backstage and worked as an assistant director, among others at the opera house of the Saarbrücken National Theater. There she also appeared as a singer.

Ruth Gassmann had three children and has lived in Aschheim near Munich since their birth. She enjoyed spending time with her family and grandchildren, including “playing golf and skiing until this spring,” her son said. The funeral service takes place in the closest family circle.

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