Gérald Darmanin accused of rape: the minister considers himself “the victim”

It was a date that caused a real uproar. Jean Castex was elected Prime Minister and, after the reorganization, Gérald Darmanin replaced Christophe Castaner as Minister of the Interior. And the least we can say is that this election gave a lot to talk about. And for good reason, the politician is currently the target of a rape complaint.
It was in 2017 that the case was broken. Sophie Patterson-Spatz accuses the Mayor of Tourcoing at the time of the violation. She explains that the politician would have used his power to abuse her “sexually”. She would have felt forced and reported a case of blackmail. In fact, Sophie Patterson-Spatz had just asked her to set aside her conviction for blackmail and malicious calls towards a former partner.

“The victim is me”

Gérald Darmanin has never denied the relationship, but denies that it was not granted. Initially closed without follow-up, the case was relaunched last June by the Paris prosecution. His appointment as Minister of the Interior obviously surprised many citizens. Many petitions have circulated on the Internet asking for Gérald Darmanin to resign. After several weeks of silence on this subject, he trusts an interview with Le Point. First, he considered that he was a “victim” of what he considers “slander”. “It is difficult to live with him. But I have no right to complain.” Then he adds: “The victim in this story is me. It is I whose name is dirtied. It is me to whom they attribute behaviors that I never had” before concluding “I am at the disposal of justice”.

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