Frankfurt Stock Exchange: DAX: closing price at the end of the session on August 11, 2020 at 8:30 p.m. – Germany and worldwide

DAX actionsdividendClasseschange
Adidas-, –262.90(+ 7.80)
Alliance9.60184.58(+ 4.54)
BASF3.3050.70(+ 1.60)
Bayer2.8057.96(+ 1.39)
Beiersdorf0.7095.28(- 0.36)
Bmw2.5058.41(+ 2.98)
Continental3.0091.00(+ 7.80)
Covestro1.2037.19(+ 1.37)
Daimler0.9042.09(+ 1.32)
German Bank-, –8.25(+ 0.26)
German stock exchange2.90152.90(+ 0.45)
German postal service1.15+37.50(+ 0.58)
Deutsche Telekom0.6015.00(+ 0.16)
German alive0.8744.02(+ 0.21)
E.ON AG0.439.94(- 0.01)
Fresenius medical care1.20+73.64(+ 1.34)
Fresenius Se0.84+39.71(+ 0.72)
HeidelbergCement0.6052.84(+ 1.28)
manipulate1.8585.36(+ 0.88)
Infineon Techno0.2722.35(+ 0.77)
Linde Plc3.28+209.70(+ 2.90)
Lufthansa-, –9.02(+ 0.60)
MERCK1.30113.05(+ 0.55)
MTU AERO ENGINES0.04160.55(+ 7.20)
Crunch. Reverse9.80234.50(+ 1.60)
RWE0.8033.07(- 0.65)
SAP1.58137.24(+ 1.76)
Siemens3.90116.90(+ 0.92)
Vonovia Se1.5758.08(- 0.20)
VW4.86+140.38(+ 7.26)
Wirecard0.201.65(- 0.04)
was standingchange
L-DAX12,940.45(+ 234.46)
L-MDAX27 627.15(+ 414.81)
L-TECDAX3,080.89(+ 49.59)

Frankfurt / Main – The following closing prices for the 31 shares of the German DAX stock index were determined at the end of trading on August 11, 2020 at 8:30 p.m. on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

(Status and modification of the closing price of the previous trading day for shares in euros, for indices in points).

Changing index levels at the end of the day before

+ announced dividend

Source: Reuters / oraise Status: 08/11/2020 8:30 p.m.

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