Franck Dubosc: what about the 56-year-old actor?

Franck Dubosc is known for his great sense of humor and never misses an opportunity to make the French laugh. During this summer vacation period, TF1 has decided to broadcast Franck Dubosc’s “Fifty Fifty” program in which he assumes his age and turn fifty. During the sketches, the comedian captivates his audience. Franck Dubosc, 56, continues to seduce his fans and continues to triumph, but what will become of him? During an interview with Télé Magazine, the actor made some confidences about the last few months as well as about his upcoming projects, including the new film he is directing, entitled “Rumba Therapy”.

Family confinement

Franck Dubosc shared his daily life for the first time during the period of confinement that all French people went through. In particular, he revealed: “For the first time I managed to stay two months with my family. However, I have the opportunity to do a job where I can stop whenever I want … but I never do!, Fate forced my hand And how good it was for all four of us, so he overcame this health crisis with his wife and two children, ages 7 and 10.

“I don’t want a movie that smells like Covid”

Despite the fact that the coronavirus continues to circulate, Franck Dubosc has a head full of projects and plans to start shooting his second film as a director soon, of which he has revealed some details: “This is a man who abandoned his wife.” and his daughter when he was 8 months old. Years later, after a heart attack, he decides to meet her for the first time. When she became a dance teacher, she enrolled in her class incognito. “In any case, the director did not want to rewrite the script for his film, although conditions may be somewhat altered due to the coronavirus pandemic. He explained: “We will take the necessary precautions, but I have not changed anything. Characters will hug or kiss as planned. And I’d rather stop everything if I had to pretend I do not want at all. ‘a movie that smells like Covid. “Filming for” Rumba Therapy “is scheduled to begin in late August.

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By Solène Sab

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