Franck Dubosc aged? The 56-year-old actor surprises Internet users on Instagram

Currently on vacation in the south of France, Cyril Hanouna invited some friends for a relaxing day by the sea. Tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka, actors Franck Dubosc and Kev Adams, as well as the duo BigFlo and Oli. The day ended with a souvenir photo to immortalize the moment. The cliché, posted on Cyril Hanouna’s Instagram account, was widely shared by internet users, many of whom were challenged by the physicist Franck Dubosc. Dressed in a sky blue T-shirt and white shorts, the 56-year-old actor took it for his rank. Many Instagram users say they had a hard time recognizing the “Camping” star. “He hit old Franck Dubosc”, “Who is the old man on the left?”, “He lifted Franck Dubosc”, we can read in the comment of the shot that he liked more than 50,000 times.

Soon a second film as director

Despite the criticism, Franck Dubosc is not inactive. If he took a few days off to find Cyril Hanouna and his band, Franck Dubosc was at the end of July looking in Rennes for his second film as a director: “Rumba Therapy”. His film is slated for release in 2021. Franck Dubosc will also star in Romuald Boulanger’s “Connected,” which has already started shooting. And in a few days, his show “Fifty-Fifty” will be broadcast on TF1. On stage, Danièle’s husband talks about her time in her fifties and explains that she is both an old man to the young and a young man to the old.

By Matilde A.

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