France “waiting for the big laboratories to have a vaccine”

COVID-19 – French Health Minister Olivier Véran stressed this Tuesday, August 11, that France and Europeans are “waiting for the large laboratories to have a vaccine”, while Russia claims to have developed the “First vaccine” against coronavirus.

“I don’t have to give my confidence to this Russian vaccine,” the French minister said when asked about the announcements by Russian President Vladimir Poutine.

“We are not in the process of a French doctor, we are in a European approach (…) that works with all the big laboratories to ensure that we have access to a vaccine,” he said. added during a trip to the seaside town of La Grande-Motte near Montpellier in southern France.

“For now, from what I have to know from the scientific studies that have appeared, we are waiting for large laboratories to have a vaccine,” he insisted.

The doubts of the German health minister

“Obviously I hope it arrives as soon as possible. Some tell us about autumn, others tell us about the first semester of 2021 ”, he added.

Vladimir Poutine has demonstrated his ambition to put into production in September what he presents as the “first” vaccine against the coronavirus, called “Sputnik V”, but for the World Health Organization (WHO), this statement has not yet been fulfilled . be independently and scientifically verified.

“All European countries under the aegis of the European Commission are working with all laboratories so that as soon as a laboratory has a proven vaccine, we can immediately benefit not only the French population, but also the European population, as well as the countries that “they do not necessarily have access to the vaccine market,” said Olivier Véran.

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The German Health Ministry on Tuesday expressed doubts about “the quality, efficacy and safety” of the vaccine against the new coronavirus announced by Vladimir Putin.

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