Fort Boyard: what is the biggest win made by a team?

Saturday night is marked by “Fort Boyard”. This August 8, France 2 broadcasts a new number of the cult show that celebrated its 30th anniversary. The coronavirus crisis requires, the production had to rethink some tests to respect health measures and barrier gestures. One thing is certain, it is that the French are always there to discover the adventures of Father Fouras and the candidates. The events are always more impressive, fun and difficult, and there is always laughter. Also, tonight, Vianney, Vaimalama Chaves, Fabrice Santoro and the two members of the Les Frangines group, will participate in Fort Boyard to try to raise funds for the Lazare association. But then, in thirty years of emissions, what is the biggest gain so far?

Congratulations to Yamakasi

Every week Fort Boyard adventurers try to collect boyars and it is in 2001 that the show broke all records. The Yamakasi, made up of Williams Belle, Chau Belle Dinh, Malik Diouf, Yann H’Nautra, Guylain N’Guba Boyeke and Laurent Piemontesi, were very successful in the trials and won 243,480 francs, the equivalent. from 37,118 euros. A very good sum of money given to an association. Ten years earlier, in 1991, an anonymous team had raised the equivalent of € 36,986. Third place was also won in 1991 by the Punchs team by collecting 33,239 Boyars. Will the 2020 candidates be able to break all these records?

By Solène Sab

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