Forest fire on the railway: handicaps in rail traffic

A forest fire on the Torgau – Falckenberg railway line near Beilrode (northern Saxony) called firefighters and the federal police on Saturday and hampered rail traffic between Saxony and Brandenburg. On both sides of the tracks, not far from the state border, several firefighters in the area and a total of more than 100 emergency services battled the flames in the evening, as Eckhard Rexroth said Sunday, district environmental officer. Federal police were also involved in the firefighting helicopters.

The railway line had been closed since noon on Saturday. The S4 S-Bahn and the regional train RE10 Leipzig-Cottbus were affected. “Replacement traffic with buses has been put in place,” said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn in Berlin. She could not give a forecast of the duration.

According to Rexroth, 30 hectares were affected. The fire was extinguished late in the evening and a fire attendant has been in place since. “We hope the embers don’t reignite.” Throughout northern Saxony, the highest alert level 5 applies due to the persistent heat and drought. “It is therefore forbidden to enter the forests”.

According to Rexroth, this is the district’s first wildfire of the year. The cause of the fire is still unclear. “We have a lot of forest and relatively dry soil, a volley of sparks is enough.” There is no information on the damage caused.

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