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BLOG – Nine months. I have seen. Take the stairs, survive the nausea, spend nights in the ER, have swollen legs, close your eyes from the contraction.

Weak sex, really?

It was in the delivery room, I saw it. I saw the strength, the courage, the endurance, the clenched teeth, the tense and sweaty body, the smell of betadine, 12 hours of pain, then the last push, the release, the love.

Weak sex, really?

Then I saw the sleepless nights, the scars, the love-bitten nourishing breasts, just because dad is at work (parental leave, 11 days!), Just to carry, rock, reassure, assume, then at night . , collapse.

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Weak sex, really?

I saw the return to work (at two months!), I saw the tears, the machine to extract the milk, not to give up, to fight, to run left and right, and at night to feed again, and stitches, and rehabilitation, and staircase, five floors, with baby, stroller, changing table …

Weak sex, really?

Being strong is not declaring war.
It is giving life, carrying it, nurturing it.
Generous and immemorial strength.

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