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COUPLE LIFE: Pretty stories don’t always have a fairy tale ending. But after all, fairy tales are not the mirror of reality. I have always found life more beautiful, more subtle and more surprising than fiction.

It is the banal story of a boy and a girl who fell deeply in love. So they had a thousand and one plans for the future. Thus they passed, others were abandoned. Having an apartment, then a bigger one, going on vacation, going on weekends, getting old, gaining weight, slapping, losing hair, losing friends. Always two. Then at three, one day.

12 years ago, on July 4, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, I met Baptou, who would become Lucien’s father.

Official end of a season, not a series

12 years later, almost a day, a stone’s throw from our godmother of the Iron Lady, we signed the divorce papers and toasted in a bar that resembles our history: legal and hygiene standards not respected, not chic, not from nice guy, but for me and always full of charm.

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Keep loving each other

We will continue to watch our boy grow, we will continue to roll our eyes, we will continue the appetizers with which they now make our hearts beat with affection.

Of course, we had to talk, sometimes cry, shut up, breathe, debate, accept … But never leave this common goal, be happy, never hurt, and accompany our son forever.

Divorce is not always the end of a family (and I appreciate how lucky we are) for us, it is the beginning of a new one.

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