Fear of New U.S. Tariffs Boosts PC Sales

Reading (AP) – The prospect of additional US tariffs boosted notoriously sluggish PC sales in the last quarter. With an increase of 4.7% to 70.9 million devices, it was the largest increase in seven years, market research firm Canalys said.

The fear that PCs in the United States would become more expensive with the new tariffs in mid-December was a key factor. This effect is only a flash in the pan, they warned. At the same time, a braking factor is that Intel can only deliver a limited number of PC chips of its latest generation.

At the same time, the biggest PC manufacturers are increasingly dominating the business: the top three suppliers recently controlled almost 80% of the market.

Lenovo remained number one, according to Canalys calculations, with a market share of 24.4% with 17.3 million devices sold. HP follows in second place with a market share of 23.6%. The two leaders were able to significantly increase their sales: the leader of the Chinese market sold 7.2% more than a year ago and HP 8.6% more. Dell is number three with a 17% market share. Canalys counts desktops, notebooks and corporate workstations that have entered the sales channels, even if they have not yet been sold to end users.

Deliveries for Christmas business, the continued transition of businesses to the new Windows 10 operating system, and purchases at the start of the new school year have given more wind in the back.

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