Faced with jihadists released from prison, Ciotti wants to change the Constitution

TERRORISM – Republican deputy Éric Ciotti asked Emmanuel Macron to “initiate a process of revision of the Constitution” after the censorship by the Constitutional Council of a law that provided “security measures” for terrorists, a- he said in an interview with the JDD released this August 9.

In your decision, the Three Wise Men considered that these measures, which should be pronounced taking into account the “particular dangerousness” of a detainee at the end of his sentence, “undermined the freedom to come and go, the right to respect for privacy and the right to wear a normal family life ”.

“Individual freedoms” superior “to collective security”?

But, according to the MP for Alpes-Maritimes, “in the next three years, we know that more than 150 prisoners convicted of Islamist terrorism and 350 radicalized prisoners convicted of common law cases will be released from prison after having served their sentence: considered as always dangerous, these individuals pose a considerable threat ”.

Eric Ciotti criticizes the Constitutional Council for “considering the individual freedoms of Islamist terrorists as superior to collective security”, and proposes “modifying the Constitution to put in place real mechanisms to protect society against terrorism.”

“I think we could have a consensus on this issue from all the government’s political parties. This is an emergency and a national priority that nobody disputes, “he added, rejecting a solution without modifying the Constitution, which would constitute for him” one more legal retouch that takes full advantage of the almost inapplicable adopted devices. “

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