Explosions in Beirut: Mika shares heartbreaking message to her homeland

The excitement remains intact five days after the double explosion that devastated the port of Beirut and devastated much of the city. Originally from the capital of Lebanon, Mika shared his emotion in a moving text, published in the JDD this August 9, and in three other media. “I feel both so close and so far from you,” he went to his native country in the midst of tragedy. “I can’t stop gawking at the martyred faces of my brothers and sisters. In their eyes, I suppose the terror, the tears,” writes Mika, who never stops “imagining the deafening noise of the two explosions that never leave Beirutis.”

Mika denounces the “impotence” of the leaders

“Devastated” and “tormented by the apocalypse”, the singer recalls that this catastrophe adds to the severe economic crisis that plagues the country and the management of its leaders that he denounces. “There are divisions, the echo of conflicts on its borders, corruption, the impotence of its leaders, the currency crisis that has plunged their families into misery and then the increasingly virulent coronavirus epidemic,” says Mika. for whom “these two explosions” reflect “the symbol of an exploding system”. Angry with the political class, Mika reacted to the words of Prime Minister Hassan Diab who had declared that “those responsible must be held accountable.” “Those responsible for whom? For what? Those responsible for thirty years of agony that have made the country of Cedar the land of ashes,” he lamented before concluding his text, hoping for the resilience of his country: “tomorrow you will get up as usual “.

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By Marie Merlet

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