Explosions in Beirut: Léa Salamé, Hapsatou Sy, Bernard Montiel … the stars react

Tragic late afternoon in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Around 6 pm local time, a strong explosion occurred in the port district, which is located in the center of the city. The latter then causes a terrible fire. 7 minutes later a second explosion sounded, even more powerful, releasing a huge mushroom and a very impressive breath, to the point that the explosion would be felt on the island of Cyprus, more than 200 kilometers away. The American Institute of Geophysics announced that some sensors had registered the equivalence of an earthquake of 3.3 on the Richter scale.
While a few hours later the origin was still unknown. But in the evening, Prime Minister Hassan Diab spoke about the storage of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate in a port building. The human balance so far has been 100 dead and no less than 4,000 injured.

Emmanuel Macron interrupting his vacation with Brigitte Macron announced that it was going to deploy “a civil security detachment and several tons of medical equipment” as of Wednesday, August 5, as well as “first aiders to reinforce hospitals.”

Tribute rain

Since this tragedy, many personalities have given their support to the Lebanese people. This is particularly the case of Léa Salamé, the former columnist for On no lying born in Beirut: “I have been looping for hours, stunned, the images of the city where I was born, gutted, destroyed, I look at the streets of my childhood devastated by the explosion. Beirut is on the ground tonight, I’m far from it, and my heart is broken. “
Haspatou Sy posted a photo on his Twitter account that read: “Tonight I cry. I think a lot about my friends and pray a lot for Lebanon” and added in the caption: “I thought deeply and moved tonight. All my solidarity in Lebanon. Bernard Montiel also reacted: “I love Lebanon … I am sad for you … I think of you.”


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