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According to CSU boss Markus Söder, the greatest risk of corona infection is in the private sector. The risk comes less from businesses or local public transport, the Bavarian Prime Minister said in Nuremberg on Monday after an unscheduled cabinet meeting via video. “The real danger is neglect at private events.” That’s why you have to start there if there are problems. “Corona doesn’t take a vacation, Corona doesn’t take a break,” says Söder. “We continue to take Corona very seriously. Bavaria remains absolutely vigilant. “

You can watch the press conference in retrospect here:

The CSU boss has warned of a growing risk of infection with the corona virus. The virus is on the rise across Europe. Therefore, people need to revert to the caution which has been a good protection over the past few weeks. More and more infected people were complaining of long-term effects such as a lack of smell even after months. This shows that Corona is much more insidious and dangerous than previously thought. Therefore, we must react with caution, said the boss of the CSU.

For this reason, the Free State of Bavaria has proposed to the federal government to define other regions abroad as corona risk areas. “The expansion can take place in a much more dynamic way than in the past,” Söder said. Tests carried out on returning travelers so far have shown that many people who test positive are also returning from areas that are currently not considered to be risk areas. About 130 of the nearly 200 countries in the world are currently defined as risk areas.

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Bavaria plans Corona testing centers nationwide

Soon there will be corona test centers all over Bavaria. Such centers are to be created in each rural district and in each urban district, numbering about 100. The cabinet decided on Monday. Söder said in Nuremberg that people should be able to get tested quickly and without bureaucracy and no longer have to go to the doctor. Returning travelers should be tested twice in the future, Söder said: once at the border or at the airport, and a second time five to six days later. To this end, testing capacities in Bavaria must be massively expanded – from 55,000 per day currently to “well over 200,000 per day”. And: According to Söders, the old corona test centers at the border should be further professionalized so that test results can be determined faster than before and transmitted more quickly.

Bavaria only decides if a mask is required in schools before the end of the holidays

Shortly before the end of the summer holidays, the Bavarian government wants to decide on a possible requirement for masks in school lessons. Prime Minister Markus Söder named the date Monday September 1 – school starts a week later on September 8. Then he would like to talk to teacher representatives, among others. The first two weeks are important as a starting phase with clear rules. Every school should know what to do in the event of an infection. Education Minister Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) recently presented a four-step plan, according to which a mask requirement should apply in the classroom instead, even in elementary schools. If there is a high number of infections, there should also be a classroom mask requirement. It is, however, doubtful that a general mask requirement also threatens in the classroom – North Rhine-Westphalia has decided so for secondary schools.

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Review of major concerts

According to Söder, planned big concerts like the one with Bryan Adams and Sarah Connor in Düsseldorf have a “catastrophic signal effect” in corona combat. “I want to stress that I think it is absolutely unjustifiable to allow concerts with 13,000 people. Please, sincerely, think again. This is a catastrophic signal for the whole country,” Söder said Monday in Nuremberg.

“We are already having difficulties at this time and need to reconsider how we can find ways to guide and orient certain large gatherings of people in a sensible way, especially when it comes to alcohol,” the Prime Minister said. “Then we can’t allow concerts with 13,000 people at the same time, it sends a signal to the country that thwarts the whole philosophy.”

Söder did not specifically name the event. A concert in front of 13,000 spectators is scheduled for September 4 in Düsseldorf. Pop star Connor had shown his understanding of the concerns over the weekend, but defended the planned event. The concert is not a question of “party”, but of work, declared the musician. “I also have many friends and colleagues whose livelihoods are now at risk.” She was “curious to see if and how this will turn out. But if so, I will be there. I cannot answer my people for anything else.”

Concert organizer Marek Lieberberg (“Rock am Ring”) wants Connor, Adams, Rea Garvey, Joris and Michael Mittermeier to perform at the “Merkur Spiel-Arena” football stadium in Düsseldorf. The city approved the event. North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of Health Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) sharply criticized the plans and raised legal doubts.

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