European Hamster Researcher’s Reward: Last Occurrence at Lake

The district of North Saxony pays research costs for hamsters. Those who find a strictly protected rodent building will receive a bonus of 50 euros, the Torgau district office said. The hamster is threatened with extinction and is therefore on the red list. The last known occurrence of the animal species (Cricetus cricetus) throughout Saxony is to the west of the Werbeliner See.

The Lower Nature Conservation Authority hopes they can see and count Field Hamster burrows with the help of attentive citizens. Burrows could be found at best soon after harvest. Before that, the fields should not be entered like this, the authority stressed.

If a burrow is found, contact the farm that owns the hamster field. Then measures to secure the event would be agreed. “For many years there have been close contacts and extensive joint protection efforts between the authorities and the agricultural enterprises,” he said.

The German Wildlife Foundation considers the situation of field hamsters in Germany to be extremely critical. Over the next few years it will be decided whether the species can be saved in this country. The hamster is struggling with changes in its habitat. It needs diversified agriculture, but agriculture is far too one-sided.

The call for hamsters in northern Saxony has been going on for about a week. So far, however, no hamster construction researcher has reported. The Finderlohn campaign runs until September 30.

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