Environmental aid wants to enforce broad diesel driving bans in Stuttgart

STUTTGART (dpa-AFX) – Air pollution control measures planned in Stuttgart, including diesel driving bans, are again subject to a hearing on Thursday (2 p.m.). German Environmental Aid (DUH) wants to force the Land of Baden-Württemberg to fully implement a judgment of the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. He ruled that traffic bans for air pollution control are mainly allowed in Stuttgart in order to reduce high levels of nitrous oxide.

The green-black state government announced on Tuesday that there would be driving bans for diesel emissions standard 4 and lower in early 2019. Vehicles that were at least eight years old at the time would be affected. . The state government depends on the effect of the planned global package for air pollution control in Stuttgart, which must be bagged until the summer break, whether or not the diesel vehicles of emission standard 5 are included later.

The DUH does not go far enough – it also considers the driving bans for diesel in accordance with Euronorm 5 to be absolutely necessary. The DUH lodged an application for enforcement of the Leipzig judgment with the Stuttgart Administrative Court a long time ago. There will be a non-public meeting on Thursday during which everyone involved is expected to exchange views on the current situation. It is not known if the court will render a decision on the same day.

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