Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron on vacation: this unexpected walk

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron are enjoying a well deserved vacation. After a start to the year marked by the coronavirus crisis and a ministerial reorganization, the President of the Republic and his wife meet at Fort de Brégançon, in the Var. Away from the Elysee Palace and its official duties, the number of individual exits is increasing … or almost. It is impossible for the presidential couple to go unnoticed. While they had a coffee on the terrace with the mayor of the town to relax, her presence caught the attention of some vacationers.

Very quickly, the exit turned into a walk to the delight of passersby. “It must be said that they were clearly visible and passersby quickly realized that something was going on. Naturally, an audience formed. It was a bit sexy! ”A waitress reported in the Var-Matin columns on Tuesday, August 4. In his jeans and navy blue Lacoste polo shirt matching a pair of sneakers, the French president did not. He left a young woman indifferent who launched to our companions: “He really is a very handsome man!”

“It is always a pleasure to receive the president and his wife”

This Sunday, August 2, the Macron had already caused a sensation during a dinner at the Les Sirènes restaurant, an address that they especially like. “They ordered pizzas and they stayed two or three hours, calmly. They had a great time and were very pleasant with all the staff, as usual. It is always a pleasure to receive the The president and his wife,” he commented in the columns of Nice-Matin, one of the owners of the establishment, the latter did not stop taking the now traditional photo with all his staff and the presidential couple.

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