Églantine Eméyé: her touching message for the birthday of her disabled son

Eglantine Éméyé is a satisfied mother. She celebrated this Wednesday the 5th of August, the fifteenth birthday of her son Samy, who has had multiple disabilities since he suffered a stroke when he was just a baby. For several years, the young man has lived in a specialized center in the south of France. The France Televisions presenter, therefore, passed her confinement away from her son, making it very difficult to live. In an interview with Télé-Star on June 13, she confided her pain: “Difficult for both of them, but even more difficult for those who do not understand. He remained in the Var, confined to the structure that houses him. Throughout the year I made many videos to explain what was happening, I showed him ‘mom with the mask’, ‘mom without the mask’ I would not see my disabled son in the near future, confined far from me Difficult for both of us, but still harder for the one who doesn’t understand. ”

“Forgive me”

Mother and son met last May. And their meeting was placed under the sign of emotion. She shared this moment with her community: “Hi Samy! #Retrouvailles #myfils #handicap #healthmeasures #covid,” she wrote on Instagram. And this Wednesday August 5, Églantine Éméyé has just published a new photo on her Instagram account, once again paying tribute to her little son, who celebrated his 15th birthday. She took the opportunity to make a good statement to him: “Happy birthday Samy! My love, today you are 15 years old. It is crazy! Your life is not easy every day, but you teach me courage, patience and tenacity. Laughs for small things that only you understand. But they do a lot of good. I love you. Only one thing: as you get older, I’m getting older. wear me out. Forgive me. Tons of kisses.


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