Edouard Philippe away from Matignon: the former prime minister does not regret his choice

Since leaving the government on July 3, Édouard Philippe has returned to his former life to his greatest happiness. Released from the role of prime minister that Jean Castex now occupies, the former tenant of Matignon can enjoy his loved ones and more days off. In the columns of Figaro on Tuesday, August 11, it is written that “the former head of government, 49, is enjoying one of his first last Wednesdays in three years without the Council of Ministers.” The re-elected mayor of Le Havre, Édouard Philippe does not seem to regret his departure from the government: “He is in very good shape. He sees his family and friends. He does not experience spleen,” his relatives slipped.

Édouard Philippe is still popular

In early August, the former prime minister took a break and went on vacation to Italy, where he was seen. A good way to change the atmosphere. “Everyone who has known Matignon tells this: when he stops, the body evacuates hundreds of days of accumulated fatigue,” said one of his relatives. But during his three years in government, Édouard Philippe forged ties with Emmanuel Macron, who are still present. The mayor, who is experiencing a rise in popularity and has become the favorite political figure of the French according to an Ipsos poll, has been offered by the President of the Republic to “reorganize the majority.” “He neither accepted nor refused. But if the President of the Republic speaks to him again, he will be listening,” he said.

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By Marie Merlet

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