Donald Trump evacuated in full press conference after police fired in front of the White House

UNITED STATES – A wind of concern blew briefly on Monday, August 10, during Donald Trump’s daily press conference, as the president of the United States was nimbly escorted from his desk and taken to safety by his guard. closer after an incident outside the White House.

“The police shot someone,” Donald Trump explained on his return to reporters after a few minutes of interruption. “I was outside” the White House barrier, he said. When asked if this suspect was armed, the president replied, “From what I understand, yes.”

“The Secret Service can confirm that an agent used his weapon at the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue,” an intersection very close to the White House, tweeted for the first time this elite police force responsible for the protection of high-ranking American personalities. A “man” and a “Secret Service agent” were taken to a nearby hospital, the federal agency added, assuring that “at no time” had the White House complex been violated.

The Secret Service later detailed the scene in a release posted on Twitter. A 51-year-old man approached a Secret Service officer who was standing at the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, one block from the White House. The suspect told the officer that he had a gun and ran “aggressively” toward him, pulling an object from his clothing. He then assumed an “artillery stance” as if he intended to fire, and the Secret Service officer shot him in the chest.

“Cry” and then “one shot”

Police cordoned off a large perimeter around the White House. Police cars were parked near the scene and armed police officers were patrolling Lafayette Square in front of the White House, AFP reporters said.

A bicycle belonging to a Secret Service member was also on the ground surrounded by police lines on a sidewalk on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House, an AFP reporter noted.

Philipos Melaku, a protester who has camped outside the White House for years, said he heard a “male” voice just before a shooting, around 5:50 pm (11:50 pm in Paris). “I heard a gunshot and just before that, I heard screams that were not intelligible,” he told AFP. “Immediately after that, at least eight or nine men came running aiming their AR-15s,” he added with assault rifles.

Escorted in full press conference

The president of the United States was giving his daily press conference when an agent in charge of his security approached. “Excuse me?” Donald Trump asked him, interrupting himself, before quietly leaving the room, followed by his team, after the agent whispered explanations in his ear.

“Agitated? (…). The world has always been a dangerous place. It is not something special,” the Republican responded to a question upon his return. “It may have nothing to do with me,” he said.

“I feel safe with the Secret Service. They are fantastic people, the best of the best, ”he said of this federal agency that provides close protection to the leader of the United States and other American political figures.

Donald Trump then resumed his press conference focusing on the pandemic and the American economy.

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